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Optimization and simulation of fixed-time traffic signal control in real-world applications

Thunig, Theresa; Scheffler, Robert; Strehler, Martin; Nagel, Kai

This paper contributes to the question how to optimize fixed-time traffic signal coordinations for real-world applications. Therefore, two models are combined: An analytically model that optimizes fixed-time plans based on a cyclically time-expanded network formulation, and a coevolutionary transport simulation that is able to evaluate the optimized fixed-time plans for large-scale realistic traffic situations. The coupling process of both models is discussed and applied to a real-world scenario. Steps that were necessary to align the models and improve the results are presented. The optimized fixed-time signals are compared to other signal approaches in the application. It is found, that they also help to improve the performance of actuated signal control.
Published in: Procedia Computer Science, 10.1016/j.procs.2019.04.113, Elsevier