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Paper "Size Matters" Excel Data prepared for SPSS

Meier, Felix Christian; Schöbel, Markus; Feufel, Markus

The present excel file includes all data used for the study and it is prepared to be fed into SPSS. First column shows a number. Every car got number as it was collected during experiment. In the second column the pairs of legally and illegally parked cars are counted. In the third column and fifth column brand and model of each car are coded. The fourth column shows the values of a car brand status, retrieved from a questionnaire. The sixth column codes, if a car was legally or illegally parked. the next columns show the spatial measurements of each car. The last column shows the product for Driver Seat Space playing a crucial role for the study. Due to the big numbers, you need to transform the measurements and the driver seat space to Z-values. Summary of study: In cockpits, ergonomists thus far mainly re-design interfaces to help drivers improve traffic safety. We replicate evidence showing that increasing physical space surrounding the driver relates to an increased probability of parking violations. These findings suggest that spatial design should be added to the ergonomist's toolbox for reducing traffic violations.