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Nano-contact transfer with gold nanoparticles on PEG hydrogels and using wrinkled PDMS-stamps

Yesildag, Cigdem; Tyushina, Arina; Lensen, Marga C.

In the present work, a soft lithographic process is used to create nanometer-sized line patterns of gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) on PEG-based hydrogels. Hereby nanometer-sized wrinkles on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) are first fabricated, then functionalized with amino-silane and subsequently coated with Au NPs. The Au NPs are electrostatically bound to the surface of the wrinkled PDMS. In the next step, these relatively loosely bound Au NPs are transferred to PEG based hydrogels by simple contacting, which we denote “nano-contact transfer”. Nano-patterned Au NPs lines on PEG hydrogels are thus achieved, which are of interesting potential in nano-photonics, biosensor applications (using SERS) and to control nanoscopic cell adhesion events.
Published in: Polymers, 10.3390/polym9060199, MDPI