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Evaluierung der Messmethoden zur Bewertung des therapeutischen Nutzens von Antidekubitus-Systemen

Hochmann, David; Diesing, Peter; Boenick, Ulrich

Interface pressure measurement is today a most used technique for laboratory evaluation of support surfaces in prevention of pressure sores. This article describes the results of an experimental comparative evaluation of four modern pressure mapping Systems (Tekscan, Xsensor, Novel and FSA) using a special loading device.The tests generated dato on numerical accuracy, linearity and hysteresis. The results show that the accuracy of pressure mapping Systems is still limited and results obtained from different Systems can not be directly compared.
Published in: Biomedical engineering = Biomedizinische Technik, 10.1515/bmte.2002.47.s1b.816, De Gruyter
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