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Reverse quantum state engineering using electronic feedback loops

Kießlich, Gerold; Emary, Clive; Schaller, Gernot; Brandes, Tobias

We propose an all-electronic technique to manipulate and control interacting quantum systems by unitary single-jump feedback conditioned on the outcome of a capacitively coupled electrometer and, in particular, a single-electron transistor. We provide a general scheme for stabilizing pure states in the quantum system and use an effective Hamiltonian method for the quantum master equation to elaborate on the nature of stabilizable states and the conditions under which state purification can be achieved. The state engineering within the quantum feedback scheme is shown to be linked with the solution of an inverse eigenvalue problem. Two applications of the feedback scheme are presented in detail: (i) stabilization of delocalized pure states in a single charge qubit and (ii) entanglement stabilization in two coupled charge qubits. In the latter example, we demonstrate the stabilization of a maximally entangled Bell state for certain detector positions and local feedback operations.
Published in: New Journal of Physics, 10.1088/1367-2630/14/12/123036, IOP