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Modelling of coalescence in turbulent liquid/liquid dispersions considering droplet charge

Kamp, Johannes; Nachtigall, Stephanie; Maaß, Sebastian; Kraume, Matthias

Drop size distributions in liquid/liquid systems within a turbulent flow, being an integral part of many technical applications, can be simulated solving population balance equations. Experimental investigations in stirred toluene/water systems at constant ionic strength of 0.1 mol/L showed that with pH values higher than 11, coalescence is hindered considerably due to electrostatic effects. Within this work, two designated models are used to simulate the transient drop size distributions in a stirred tank, showing that the influence of droplet charge due to a change in pH value or ion concentration cannot be predicted satisfactorily by existing models. This finding motivates a new modelling approach implementing the DLVO theory into the population balance framework.
Published in: Technical Transactions, Politechnika Krakowska