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Creepage Distance Estimation of Hairpin Stators Using 3D Feature Extraction

Grambow, Niklas; Hinz, Lennart; Bonk, Christian; Krüger, Jörg; Reithmeier, Eduard

The increasing demand for electric drives challenges conventional powertrain designs and requires new technologies to increase production efficiency. Hairpin stator manufacturing technology enables full automation, and quality control within the process is particularly important for increasing the process capacity, avoiding rejects and for safety-related aspects. Due to the complex, free-form geometries of hairpin stators and the required short inspection times, inline reconstruction and accurate quantification of relevant features is of particular importance. In this study, we propose a novel method to estimate the creepage distance, a feature that is crucial regarding the safety standards of hairpin stators and that could be determined neither automatically nor accurately until now. The data acquisition is based on fringe projection profilometry and a robot positioning system for a highly complete surface reconstruction. After alignment, the wire pairs are density-based clustered so that computations can be parallelized for each cluster, and an analysis of partial geometries is enabled. In several further steps, stripping edges are segmented automatically using a novel approach of spatially asymmetric windowed local surface normal variation, and the creepage distances are subsequently estimated using a geodesic path algorithm. Finally, the approach is examined and discussed for an entire stator, and a methodology is presented that enables the identification of implausible estimated creepage distances.
Published in: Metrology, 10.3390/metrology3020010, MDPI