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Mapping Change Logbook

Aruri, Natasha; De Flander, Katleen; Brück, Andreas

The Mapping Change Logbook is an online mind-map of key findings and a selection of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources that enriched our research with concepts and experiments that engage the tool of critical mapping. In 4 STATIONS we have arranged 11 ENTRIES: short texts of +/- 1,600 words, written by our team, that base on inputs from the 2 workshops and our research. This booklet captures these entries. In addition, we plugged 60 DETOURS to the entries: short descriptions and links to relevant works that we highlight under 9 filters: map/image, mobilizer, workshop, scholarly, interview/podcast, field/prep note, music, video/ film, counterimaginary. The pages of these Detours in the web-logbook are only a windowsill that provides a synopsis (often a quote from descriptions by the respective authors on the sourced site) and the link to the work on the original server where it can be explored. Therefore, the Detours can only be viewed online, yet a list can be found as annex at the end of this booklet. To view the Mapping Change Logbook online visit: www.mapping-change.labor-k.org/overview/