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Analysis and Design Methodology of a Novel Integration Topology of Storageless Off-Grid PV Systems

Dalala, Zakariya M.; AlAqbani, Saba Z.; Khirfan, Dima R.; Alhamad, Layth H.; Al-Addous, Mohammad; Barbana, Nesrine

In this manuscript, a novel topology is proposed to integrate on-grid and off-grid PV systems supplying the same load premises. The load side is investigated and analyzed, and critical and non-critical loads are separated in terms of power supply. Critical and seasonal loads usually place stress on the grid’s point of common coupling (PCC). In the proposed topology, they are supplied by a novel topology for an off-grid solar pump PV system that lacks energy storage integration. The lack of energy storage batteries requires a novel design and sizing scheme for the off-grid PV system, and a methodology is proposed in this manuscript. The on-grid PV system is conventionally designed and coupled with the storage-less off-grid PV system to maintain load supply. The proposed methodology minimizes the ratings of the PCC and hence relieves stress on congested grids with renewable energy penetration, especially in condensed urban areas. The proposed structure enables the operation of microgrids with high penetration levels of renewable energy resources and minimizes dependance on storage batteries for off-grid systems. A case study is presented and thoroughly analyzed with the proposed methodology. The outcomes of the design process are evaluated economically and were found to be feasible, as is detailed and supported with simulation results.
Published in: Energies, 10.3390/en15041279, MDPI