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Dynamical modelling of hydraulic excavator considered as a multibody system

Mitrev, Rosen; Janošević, Dragoslav; Marinković, Dragan

This paper considers the development of a plane multibody mechanical model of a hydraulic excavator simultaneously containing an open kinematic chain and closed loops. The Lagrange multiplier technique is used for modelling of the constrained mechanical systems. This approach is used for working out the dynamic equations of excavator motion in the case of performing transportation and digging operations. The excavator is considered as a rigid body system and detailed governing equations of the mechanical and hydraulic systems are presented. The performed verification and a typical digging task simulation show the applicability of the model for study of the excavator motion simulation. Simulation results of the machine’s response are provided. It is shown that the digging process considerably influences the mechanical and hydraulic system parameters. Such models can be used for training simulators, sizing components and system design.
Published in: Technical Gazette, 10.17559/TV-20151215150306, Strojarski fakultet