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Structural behavior of multifunctional inhomogeneous infra‐lightweight concrete elements

Lösch, Claudia; Richter, Arno; Schlaich, Mike

The reduction of energy and resources consumption in the building sector is of crucial importance. One way to approach this challenge is the development of high‐performance materials to increase efficiency. In the research project “MultiLC” (Multifunctional lightweight concrete elements with inhomogeneous properties) highly efficient Infra‐Lightweight Concrete (ILC) elements with varying properties over the cross‐section and further functions, for example, active thermal insulation or photocatalytic air purification, were developed. Besides investigations in concrete technology and building physics, the structural behavior of inhomogeneous ILC‐elements was examined. This paper summarizes the analytical and experimental methods used to investigate the structural behavior of wall and beam specimens and wall‐to‐slab connections. It was found that the stiffness method is a reasonable approach to calculate the maximum load‐bearing capacity of the inhomogeneous ILC elements. Recommendations could be formulated for ultimate design values. Also, the feasibility of a fixed connection between a normal concrete slab and a multi‐layered ILC‐wall was shown.
Published in: Structural Concrete, 10.1002/suco.201900378, Wiley