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Piezo-Plunger Jetting Technology: An Experimental Study on Jetting Characteristics of Filled Epoxy Polymers

Kurz, Alexander; Bauer, Jörg; Wagner, Manfred

The droplet formation of Newtonian fluids and suspensions modified by spherical, non-colloidal particles has attracted much interest in practical and theoretical research. For the present study, a jetting technique was used which accelerates a geometrically defined plunger by a piezoelectric actuator. Changing rheological properties of materials and extending deformation rates towards nonlinear viscoelastic regimes created the requirement to extend dosage impulses towards larger magnitudes. To mimic the rheological characteristics of nonconductive adhesives we modified Newtonian epoxy resins by thixotropic additives and micro-scale glass spheres. Rheological analysis at steady shear and oscillatory shear ensured a differentiation between material and process-related factors. Evaluation of high-speed images allowed the investigation of drop dynamics and highlighted the dispense impulse reduction by material-specific dampening properties.
Published in: Fluids, 10.3390/fluids4010023, MDPI