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OPEN_NEXT – Deliverable 1.3: Open Source Development (OSD) Framework

Hassan, Mehera; Gloß, Thomas Maximilian

This deliverable outlines the first version of the OPEN_NEXT Open Source Development (OSD) framework. A framework that presents the OSD journey which will be taken by the six Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the three maker spaces (referred to here as Labs) together with OPEN_NEXT research and practice partners. The journey aims at harnessing the promising potential of collaborative product creation in an open-source context. Upon the end of the first six pilots with OPEN_NEXT SMEs partners, the framework will be revised, expanded and be deployed through the last phase of the project i.e. the demonstration with a new twelve SMEs from all across Europe. The deliverable consists of the main guide, the pre-pilot phase, the pilot phase, the post-pilot phase and an OPEN_NEXT deliverable map diagram. The main guide works as a welcome introduction to the framework, the OSD concept and serves as a guiding map through the content of this deliverable. This will be followed by a sequential coverage of the three main phases of the OSD journey the pre-pilot, the pilot and the post-pilot. The deliverable will be closed by highlighting the links between this deliverable (D1.3) and several others delivered or upcoming deliverables.