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The Stance4Health Project: Evaluating a Smart Personalised Nutrition Service for Gut Microbiota Modulation in Normal- and Overweight Adults and Children with Obesity, Gluten-Related Disorders or Allergy/Intolerance to Cow’s Milk

Dello Russo, Marika; Russo, Paola; Rufián-Henares, José Ángel; Hinojosa-Nogueira, Daniel; Pérez-Burillo, Sergio; de la Cueva, Silvia Pastoriza; Rohn, Sascha; Fatouros, Alexandra; Douros, Konstantinos; González-Vigil, Verónica; Epstein, David; Francino, M. Pilar; Siani, Alfonso; Lauria, Fabio

Unhealthy diets represent a major risk for the pathogenesis of metabolic and chronic inflammatory diseases. Improving the quality of diet is important to prevent chronic diseases, and diet-induced modifications of the gut microbiota (GM) community likely play an important role. The EU-funded Stance4Health project aims at performing a randomized clinical trial based on a nutritional intervention program in the context of normal weight and overweight adults as well as children with obesity and gluten-related disorders or allergy/intolerance to cow’s milk. The trial will evaluate the efficacy of a Smart Personalised Nutrition (SPN) service in modifying GM composition and metabolic function and improving consumer empowerment through technology adoption.
Published in: Foods, 10.3390/foods11101480, MDPI