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Thermodynamic Properties of Methyl Diethanolamine

Neumann, Tobias; Baumhögger, Elmar; Span, Roland; Vrabec, Jadran; Thol, Monika

The homogeneous density of the liquid phase is experimentally investigated for methyl diethanolamine. Data are obtained along five isotherms in a temperature range between 300 K and 360 K for pressures up to 95 MPa. Two different apparatuses are used to measure the speed of sound for the temperatures between 322 K and 450 K with a maximum pressure of 95 MPa. These measurements and literature data are used to develop a fundamental equation of state for methyl diethanolamine. The model is formulated in terms of the Helmholtz energy and allows for the calculation of all thermodynamic properties in gaseous, liquid, supercritical, and saturation states. The experimental data are represented within their uncertainties. The physical and extrapolation behavior is validated qualitatively to ensure reasonable calculations outside of the range of validity. Based on the experimental datasets, the equation of state is valid for temperatures from 250 K to 750 K and pressures up to 100 MPa.
Published in: International Journal of Thermophysics, 10.1007/s10765-021-02933-7, Springer Nature