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The Impact of Perceived Support and Barriers on the Sustainable Orientation of Turkish Startups

Eroglu, Yasemin; Rashid, Lubna

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a critical component of the solutions to the global challenges of our time. Yet to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship orientation (SEO), creating supportive environmental conditions is key. While the impact of various external conditions on entrepreneurship orientation is highly studied, the impact of such factors on sustainable orientation of startup founders is not yet well-researched, particularly outside of the western hemisphere. This quantitative study sheds light on the impact of perceived support and barriers on SEO in Turkey, drawing on the theory of planned behavior, extending entrepreneurship literature, and providing novel insights to practitioners. Findings of linear regression analysis reveal that perceived support has a significant and positive impact on SEO, while barriers are found to not have an effect. Those results may indicate that founders are able to circumvent perceived barriers when enough support is received, promoting their ability to behave sustainably despite contextual challenges. Young founder age is also found to positively and significantly influence sustainable orientation. Implications of those results are discussed with researchers and practitioners in mind.
Published in: Sustainability, 10.3390/su14084666, MDPI