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A parallel H.264/SVC encoder for high definition video conferencing

Sanz-Rodríguez, Sergio; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Mayer, Tobias; Schierl, Tobias

In this paper we present a video encoder specially developed and configured for high definition (HD) video conferencing. This video encoder brings together the following three requirements: H.264/Scalable Video Coding (SVC), parallel encoding on multicore platforms, and parallel-friendly rate control. With the first requirement, a minimum quality of service to every end-user receiver over Internet Protocol networks is guaranteed. With the second one, real-time execution is accomplished and, for this purpose, slice-level parallelism, for the main encoding loop, and block-level parallelism, for the upsampling and interpolation filtering processes, are combined. With the third one, a proper HD video content delivery under certain bit rate and end-to-end delay constraints is ensured. The experimental results prove that the proposed H.264/SVC video encoder is able to operate in real time over a wide range of target bit rates at the expense of reasonable losses in rate-distortion efficiency due to the frame partitioning into slices.
Published in: Signal processing: image communication, 10.1016/j.image.2014.10.003, Elsevier