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RFID-based Business Models

Bensel, Philipp; Vogeler, Stefan; Tröger, Ralph; Straube, Frank (Editor)

Digitale Schriftenreihe Logistik der Technischen Universität Berlin

During the implementation, upgrade and disposal of RFID-applications different tasks have to be performed. Since most companies outsource a great share of these activities, there is profit potential for service providers. The article introduces a typology for RFID-enabled and -supported services as well as support services. Potentially all sub processes can be outsourced to service providers. The RFID-process landscape presented in this article can help the users to identify processes for outsourcing. The case study within the article described the organization of a tag cycle for reusable RFID-tags as potential service offering.
Published by Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, ISBN 978-3-7983-2218-9 ISSN 1865-5726