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VR-visualization of High-dimensional Urban Data

Al Bondakji, Louna; Chatzi, Anna-Maria; Heidari Tabar, Minoo; Wesseler, Lisa-Marie; Werner, Liss C.

The project aims to investigate the possibility of VR in a combination of visualizing high-dimensional urban data. Our study proposes a data-based tool for urban planners, architects, and researchers to 3D visualize and experience an urban quarter. Users have a possibility to choose a specific part of a city according to urban data input like "buildings, streets, and landscapes". This data-based tool is based on an algorithm to translate data from Shapefiles (.sh) in a form of a virtual cube model. The tool can be scaled and hence applied globally. The goal of the study is to improve understanding of the connection and analysis of high-dimensional urban data beyond a two-dimensional static graph or three-dimensional image. Professionals may find an optimized condition between urban data through abstract simulation. By implementing this tool in the early design process, researchers have an opportunity to develop a new vision for extending and optimizing urban materials.
Published in: Computing for a better tomorrow - Proceedings of the 36th eCAADe Conference, eCAADe; Lodz University of Technology