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Survey Answers evaluating the usage of a web app that captures and utilizes design heuristics by 14 product developers from the automotive industry in china

Kremer, Gerald; Lang, Xu (Contributor)

As part of the DFG project "Design Heuristics for Targeted Product Development", a web app was developed with the help of which design heuristics were to be recorded and used. To test the usefulness of the app, an experiment was conducted. 14 product developers were divided into 3 groups. Two groups were to design products under given objectives. In addition, they were to capture their own heuristic knowledge. The third group was to evaluate the designs and the recorded knowledge. In the case of the designing and knowledge capturing groups, one group could use the developed app. The other group could use the knowledge management software of the company they worked for. For knowledge capture, the group could use common office applications (PowerPoint, Word) or pen and paper.