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Preserving Liveness Guarantees from Synchronous Communication to Asynchronous Unstructured Low-Level Languages

Berg, Nils; Göthel, Thomas; Danziger, Armin; Glesner, Sabine

In the implementation of abstract synchronous communication in asynchronous unstructured low-level languages, e.g. using shared variables, the preservation of safety and especially liveness properties is a hitherto open problem due to inherently different abstraction levels. Our approach to overcome this problem is threefold: First, we present our notion of handshake refinement with which we formally prove the correctness of the implementation relation of a handshake protocol. Second, we verify the soundness of our handshake refinement, i.e., all safety and liveness properties are preserved to the lower level. Third, we apply our handshake refinement to show the correctness of all implementations that realize the abstract synchronous communication with the handshake protocol. To this end, we employ an exemplary language with asynchronous shared variable communication. Our approach is scalable and closes the verification gap between different abstraction levels of communication.
Published in: ICFEM 2018: Formal Methods and Software Engineering, 10.1007/978-3-030-02450-5_18, Springer