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Security Risks to Petroleum Industry: An Innovative Modeling Technique Based on Novel Concepts of Complex Bipolar Fuzzy Information

Nasir, Abdul; Jan, Naeem; Yang, Miin-Shen; Pamucar, Dragan; Marinkovic, Dragan; Khan, Sami Ullah

In today’s world, the countries that have easy access to energy resources are economically strong, and thus, maintaining a better geopolitical position is important. Petroleum products such as gas and oil are currently the leading energy resources. Due to their excessive worth, the petroleum industries face many risks and security threats. Observing the nature of such problems, it is asserted that the complex bipolar fuzzy information is a better choice for modeling them. Keeping the said problem in mind, this article introduces the novel structure of complex bipolar fuzzy relation (CBFR), which is basically used to find out the relationships between complex bipolar fuzzy sets (CBFSs). Similarly, the types of CBFRs are also defined, which is helpful during the process of analyzing and interpreting the problem. Moreover, some useful results and interesting properties of the proposed structures are deliberated. Further, a new modeling technique based on the proposed structures is initiated, which is used to investigate the security risks to petroleum industries. Furthermore, a detailed comparative analysis proves the advantages and supremacy of CBFRs over other structures. Therefore, the results achieved by the proposed methods are substantially reliable, practical and complete.
Published in: Mathematics, 10.3390/math10071067, MDPI