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The soft x-ray instrument for materials studies at the linac coherent light source x-ray free-electron laser

Schlotter, William F.; Turner, Joshua J.; Rowen, Michael; Heimann, P.; Holmes, Michael; Krupin, Oleg; Messerschmidt, Marc; Moeller, Stefan; Krzywinski, Jacek; Soufli, Regina; Fernandez-Perea, M.; Kelez, Nicholas; Lee, Sooheyong; Coffee, Ryan; Hays, G.; Beye, Martiin; Gerken, N.; Sorgenfrei, F.; Hau-Riege, Stefan; Juha, Libor; Chalupsky, Jaromir; Hájková, Věra; Mancuso, Adrian P.; Singer, Andrej; Yefanov, Oleksandr; Vartanyants, Ivan A.; Cadenazzi, Guido; Abbey, Brian; Nugent, Keith A.; Sinn, Harald; Lüning, Jan; Schaffert, S.; Eisebitt, Stefan; Lee, Wei -Sheng; Scherz, Andreas; Nilsson, Anders R.; Wurth, Wilfried

The soft x-ray materials science instrument is the second operational beamline at the linac coherent light source x-ray free electron laser. The instrument operates with a photon energy range of 480–2000 eV and features a grating monochromator as well as bendable refocusing mirrors. A broad range of experimental stations may be installed to study diverse scientific topics such as: ultrafast chemistry, surface science, highly correlated electron systems, matter under extreme conditions, and laboratory astrophysics. Preliminary commissioning results are presented including the first soft x-ray single-shot energy spectrum from a free electron laser.
Published in: Review of Scientific Instruments, 10.1063/1.3698294, American Institute of Physics (AIP)
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