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Correlation of arterial blood pressure to synchronous piezo, impedance and photoplethysmographic signal features

Investigating pulse wave features and transit times

Pielmuş, Alexandru-Gabriel; Osterland, Dennis; Klum, Michael; Tigges, Timo; Feldheiser, Aarne; Hunsicker, Oliver; Orglmeister, Reinhold

In this paper we investigate which pulse wave pick-up technologies are well suited for blood pressure trend estimation. We use custom built hardware to acquire electrocardiographic, applanation-tonometric, photo- and impedance-plethysmographic signals during low intensity workouts. Beat-to-beat features and pulse wave runtimes are correlated to the reference arterial blood pressure. Temporal lag adjustment is performed to determine the latency of feature response. Best results are obtained for systolic arterial blood pressure. These suggest that every subject has a range of well-performing features, but it is not consistent among all. Spearman Rho values reach in excess of 0.8, with their significance being validated by p-values lower than 0.01.
Published in: Current directions in biomedical engineering, 10.1515/cdbme-2017-0158, De Gruyter