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Chromatographische Trennung schwefelhaltiger Heterocyclen der Typen (CH2)nSm und SenS8-m mittels HPLC [1]

Steudel, Ralf; Strauss, Eva-Maria

The Separation of a number of cyclic methylene sulfides and selenides by reversed-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography is reported. The retention times as well as the capacity factors depend in a systematic way on the ring size, the number and kind of chalcogen atoms, and the number of heteronuclear bonds within the ring. These relation-ships are used to assign the chromatograms of cyclic selenium sulfides of type SenS8-n (n = 1-8) prepared in a new reaction from Se2Cl2, SCl2 and potassium iodide and containing all selenium atoms in neighboring positions.
Published in: Zeitschrift fĂĽr Naturforschung B, 10.1515/znb-1983-0612, De Gruyter