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Preparation of Micro-Pit-Textured PCD Tools and Micro-Turning Experiment on SiCp/Al Composites

Wang, Xu; Popov, Valentin L.; Yu, Zhanjiang; Li, Yiquan; Xu, Jinkai; Li, Qiang; Yu, Huadong

Serious tool wear occurs very often during machining due to the reinforcing phases in the workpiece. In this study, micro-pit-textures were prepared on the surfaces of PCD tools with a nanosecond laser to improve their cutting performance on SiCp/Al composites. The micro-pits were designed with rounded corners to improve the chip flow. The location and size of the texture were determined by analyzing the tool-chip contact area of the non-textured tool. The cutting performance of these textured PCD tools was investigated through orthogonal cutting experiments. It was found that the optimal cutting performance of the textured tools was achieved with the proper distance of the texture from the main cutting edge (35 μm) and the pit spacing (60 μm), aa a result of which the main cutting force reduced by about 14%, and the tool wear and surface adhesion significantly reduced. This texture was then applied in the micro-turning experiments of the PCD tool on the SiCp/Al composites. The cutting force in this experiment reduced by 22%, and the textured tool provided better chip transfer and tool anti-tipping. In this study, the role of SiC particles as a third body between the tool and the chip surface is discussed.
Published in: Micromachines, 10.3390/mi13071141, MDPI