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The independence of research—A review of disciplinary perspectives and outline of interdisciplinary prospects

Gläser, Jochen; Ash, Mitchell; Buenstorf, Guido; Hopf, David; Hubenschmid, Lara; Janßen, Melike; Laudel, Grit; Schimank, Uwe; Stoll, Marlene; Wilholt, Torsten; Zechlin, Lothar; Lieb, Klaus

The independence of research is a key strategic issue of modern societies. Dealing with it appropriately poses legal, economic, political, social and cultural problems for society, which have been studied by the corresponding disciplines and are increasingly the subject of reflexive discourses of scientific communities. Unfortunately, problems of independence are usually framed in disciplinary contexts without due consideration of other perspectives’ relevance or possible contributions. To overcome these limitations, we review disciplinary perspectives and findings on the independence of research and identify interdisciplinary prospects that could inform a research programme.
Published in: Minerva, 10.1007/s11024-021-09451-8, Springer Nature