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Effect of mass distribution on curving performance for a loaded wagon

Zhang, Duo; Tang, Yinying; Peng, Qiyuan; Dong, Chunjiao; Ye, Yunguang

The location of wagon gravity center for a loaded wagon is underestimated in a vehicle–track coupled system. The asymmetric wheel load distribution due to loading offset significantly affects the wheel-rail contact state and seriously deteriorates the curving performance in conjunction with the height of gravity center and cant deficiency. Optimizing the location of gravity center and cruising velocity, therefore, is of interest to prevent the derailment and promote the transport capacity of railway wagons. This study aims to reveal the three-dimensional influencing mechanism of mass distribution on vehicle curving performance under different velocities. The wheel unloading ratio is regarded as the evaluation index. A simplified quasi-static model is established considering essential assumptions to highlight the influence of lateral and vertical offset on curving performance. For a more accurate description, the MBS models with various locations of wagon gravity center are built and then negotiate curves in different simulation cases. The simulation results reveal that the distribution of wheel unloading ratio determined by loading offset is like contour lines of ‘basin’. Based on the conclusions of quasi-static analysis and dynamics simulations, the regression equation is proposed and the fitting parameters are calculated for each simulation case. This paper demonstrates the necessity of optimizing the location of wagon gravity center according to the running condition and offers a novel strategy to load and transport the cargo by railway wagons.
Published in: Nonlinear Dynamics, 10.1007/s11071-021-06386-3, Springer Nature