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Spatial mapping of exciton lifetimes in single ZnO nanowires

Reparaz, Juan Sebastian; Callsen, Gordon; Wagner, Markus R.; Güell, F.; Morante, Joan Ramon; Sotomayor Torres, Clivia M.; Hoffmann, Axel

FG Optische Charakterisierung von Halbleitern

We investigate the spatial dependence of the exciton lifetimes in single ZnO nanowires. We have found that the free exciton and bound exciton lifetimes exhibit a maximum at the center of nanowires, while they decrease by 30% towards the tips. This dependence is explained by considering the cavity-like properties of the nanowires in combination with the Purcell effect. We show that the lifetime of the bound-excitons scales with the localization energy to the power of 3/2, which validates the model of Rashba and Gurgenishvili at the nanoscale.