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XAFS spectroscopy by an X-ray tube based spectrometer using a novel type of HOPG mosaic crystal and optimized image processing

Schlesiger, Christopher; Anklamm, Lars; Stiel, Holger; Malzer, Wolfgang; Kanngießer, Birgit

This paper presents recent achievements in laboratory based instrumentation for X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy (XAFS). The key component of the spectrometer is a HAPG mosaic crystal, which is employed in the von Hamos geometry. Due to the high efficiency of HAPG a low power micro focus X-ray tube can serve as an X-ray source. Besides a description of the spectrometer, the paper covers the treatment of the CCD images in detail. The latter is crucial in order to entirely exploit the potential of the HAPG (Highly Annealed Pyrolitic Graphite) spectrometer. One section is dedicated to applications. As a first kind of application, the concentrations of two different iron species in mixtures are determined. A second kind of typical usage of XAFS is the determination of bond lengths from the EXAFS. This XAFS application is demonstrated with metallic Ni as a reference material.
Published in: Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry, 10.1039/c4ja00303a, Royal Society of Chemistry
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