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Impact of density stratification on the global mode in a swirling jet: Stochastic modelling and Lagrangian coherent structures

Sieber, Moritz; Paschereit, Cristian Oliver; Oberleithner, Kilian

In an experimental investigation, the stochastic dynamics of the global mode in a turbulent swirling jet are considered. From the application of the swirling jet in gas turbine combustors, it was observed that a specific density gradient in the flow leads to a suppression of the global mode. This phenomenon was replicated in a generic swirling jet using an electrical heating coil placed inside the breakdown bubble. In the present investigation, the dynamics of the global mode obtained from PIV and pressure measurements are analysed using a stochastic reduced-order model to describe the instability. The stochastic model is necessary to explain the interaction between the deterministic dynamics of the global mode and the perturbations by the background turbulence. The calibration of the stochastic model provides the amplification rate of the global mode that defines the transition of the flow, dependent on the swirling strength and the density difference. The spatial structure of the global mode is further investigated from Lagrangian coherent structures of the flow field which are computed from the 3D time-resolved velocity field reconstruction based on planar PIV measurements. The Lagrangian visualisations and schlieren visualisations are used to explain the absence of the density effects on the global mode at larger Reynolds numbers. The analysis gives a detailed view of the stochastic dynamics of a hydrodynamic instability in a turbulent flow.
Published in: International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2021.108820, Elsevier