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PeriSense: Ring-based multi-finger gesture interaction utilizing capacitive proximity sensing

Wilhelm, Mathias; Krakowczyk, Daniel; Albayrak, Sahin

Rings are widely accepted wearables for gesture interaction. However, most rings can sense only the motion of one finger or the whole hand. We present PeriSense, a ring-shaped interaction device enabling multi-finger gesture interaction. Gestures of the finger wearing ring and its adjacent fingers are sensed by measuring capacitive proximity between electrodes and human skin. Our main contribution is the determination of PeriSense’s interaction space involving the evaluation of capabilities and limitations. We introduce a prototype named PeriSense, analyze the sensor resolution at different distances, and evaluate finger gestures and unistroke gestures based on gesture sets allowing the determination of the strengths and limitations. We show that PeriSense is able to sense the change of conductive objects reliably up to 2.5 cm. Furthermore, we show that this capability enables different interaction techniques such as multi-finger gesture recognition or two-handed unistroke input.
Published in: Sensors, 10.3390/s20143990, MDPI