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ALUPower: Data Dependent Power Consumption in GPUs - Research Data

Lucas, Jan; Juurlink, Ben

Existing architectural power models for GPUs count activities such as executing floating point or integer instructions, but do not consider the data values processed. While data value dependent power consumption can often be neglected when performing architectural simulations of high performance Out-of-Order (OoO) CPUs, in our related paper we show that this approach is invalid for estimating the power consumption of GPUs. The throughput processing approach of GPUs reduces the amount of control logic and shifts the area and power budget towards functional units and register files. This makes accurate estimations of the power consumption of functional units even more crucial than in OoO CPUs. Using measurements from actual GPUs, we have shown that the processed data values influence the energy consumption of GPUs significantly. This file provides the open research data for this paper, including the coefficients employed by our power model.