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Supporting the Development of Cyber-Physical Systems with Natural Language Processing: A Report

Vogelsang, Andreas; Hartig, Kerstin; Pudlitz, Florian; Schlutter, Aaron; Winkler, Jonas

Software has become the driving force for innovations in any technical system that observes the environment with different sensors and influence it by controlling a number of actuators; nowadays called Cyber-Physical System (CPS). The development of such systems is inherently inter-disciplinary and often contains a number of independent subsystems. Due to this diversity, the majority of development information is expressed in natural language artifacts of all kinds. In this paper, we report on recent results that our group has developed to support engineers of CPSs in working with the large amount of information expressed in natural language. We cover the topics of automatic knowledge extraction, expert systems, and automatic requirements classification. Furthermore, we envision that natural language processing will be a key component to connect requirements with simulation models and to explain tool-based decisions. We see both areas as promising for supporting engineers of CPSs in the future.
Published in: Joint Proceedings of REFSQ-2019 Workshops, Doctoral Symposium, Live Studies Track, and Poster Track, RWTH Aachen

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