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A new parallel algorithm for improving the computational efficiency of multi-GNSS precise orbit determination

Chen, Xinghan; Ge, Maorong; Hugentobler, Urs; Schuh, Harald

The computational efficiency is critical with the increasing number of GNSS satellites and ground stations since many unknown parameters must be estimated. Although only active parameters are kept in the normal equation in sequential least square estimation, the computational cost for parameter elimination is still a heavy burden. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the procedure of parameter elimination to enhance the computational efficiency of GNSS network solutions. An efficient parallel algorithm is developed for accelerating parameter estimation based on modern multi-core processors. In the parallel algorithm, a multi-thread guided scheduling scheme, and cache memory traffic optimizations are implemented in parallelized sub-blocks for normal-equation-level operations. Compared with the traditional serial scheme, the computational time of parameter estimations can be reduced by a factor of three due to the new parallel algorithm using a six-core processor. Our results also confirm that the architecture of computers entirely limits the performance of the parallel algorithm. All the parallel optimizations are also investigated in detail according to the characteristics of CPU architecture. This gives a good reference to architecture-oriented parallel programming in the future development of GNSS software. The performance of the multi-thread parallel algorithm is expected to improve further with the upgrade of new multi-core coprocessors.
Published in: GPS Solutions, 10.1007/s10291-022-01266-8, Springer Nature