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Dynamic Charge Acceptance Compared to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Parameters: Dependencies on Additives, State of Charge, and Prior Usage

Bauknecht, Sophia; Kowal, Julia; Settelein, Jochen; Föhlisch, Markus; Karden, Eckhard

The goal of this work was to predict the dynamic charge acceptance (DCA) for cells using different additives on the negative electrode from the evaluation of small-signal measurements by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Thereby, various operating points were evaluated, such as state of charge (SoC) and prior usage (charge or discharge). The 2V test cells under investigation utilized plates of enhanced flooded 3P2N battery cells (EFB). They contained three positive and two negative electrodes. The latter varied in their additive composition. In total, eight different negative electrodes were investigated, five including specially synthesized amorphous carbon as an additive, two with unknown additive mixes, and one including a commercially available carbon black. The best parameters for predicting the DCA were found within the first semicircle of the negative half-cell spectra measured during a superimposed charging current.
Published in: Batteries, 10.3390/batteries9050263, MDPI