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A 60 GHz fully differential LNA in 90 nm CMOS technology

Malignaggi, Andrea; Hamidian, Amin; Böck, Georg

The present paper presents a fully differential 60 GHz four stages low-noise amplifier for wireless applications. The amplifier has been optimized for low-noise, high-gain, and low-power consumption, and implemented in a 90 nm low-power CMOS technology. Matching and common-mode rejection networks have been realized using shielded coplanar transmission lines. The amplifier achieves a peak small-signal gain of 21.3 dB and an average noise figure of 5.4 dB along with power consumption of 30 mW and occupying only 0.38 mm2 pads included. The detailed design procedure and the achieved measurement results are presented in this work.
Published in: International journal of microwave and wireless technologies, 10.1017/s1759078713000949, Cambridge University Press
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