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Fluorescent optical fiber sensors for cell viability monitoring

Sergachev, Ilia; Rusanov, Alexander; Trushkin, Evgeny; Sakharov, Dmitry; Marx, Uwe; Tonevitsky, Alexander

A new simple method for non-invasive cell culture viability monitoring based on vital fluorescent stains is introduced, and its efficiency for long-term experiments on cells is demonstrated. In contrast to common methods for cell viability control, which are usually either destructive (like flow-type counters or dead cells coloring and counting), or hardly quantitative like fluorescent microscopy, the method described is automated, does not require the removal of cells from their growth area and is sensitive enough to deal with as low as tens of cells.
Published in: The analyst : the analytical journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 10.1039/c3an00248a, Royal Society of Chemistry
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