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Monolithically Integrated O-Band Coherent ROSA Featuring 2D Grating Couplers for Self-Homodyne Intra Data Center Links

Seiler, Pascal M.; Georgieva, Galina; Peczek, Anna; Oberon, Matthieu; Mai, Christian; Lischke, Stefan; Malignaggi, Andrea; Zimmermann, Lars

In this work, we present an O-band dual-polarization coherent receiver optical sub-assembly (cROSA), monolithically integrated in a 0.25 μ m BiCMOS technology. The receiver features 248 nm deep ultra violet compatible 2-dimensional grating couplers (2D-GRCs), and an adaptive polarization controller, suitable for mitigation of local oscillator induced power fading in self-homodyne transmission systems. The cROSA is evaluated in system experiments at 64 GBd quadrature-phase shift-keying. Experimental results are related to grating coupler induced polarization crosstalk through Monte-Carlo simulations. Second generation 2D-GRCs are proposed.
Published in: IEEE Photonics Journal, 10.1109/JPHOT.2023.3272476, IEEE