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Inverse Estimation Method of Material Randomness Using Observation

Kim, Dae-Young; Sikora, Pawel; Araszkiewicz, Krystyna; Chung, Sang-Yeop

This study proposes a method for inversely estimating the spatial distribution characteristic of a material’s elastic modulus using the measured value of the observation data and the distance between the measurement points. The structural factors in the structural system possess temporal and spatial randomness. One of the representative structural factors, the material’s elastic modulus, possesses temporal and spatial randomness in the stiffness of the plate structure. The structural factors with randomness are typically modeled as having a certain probability distribution (probability density function) and a probability characteristic (mean and standard deviation). However, this method does not consider spatial randomness. Even if considered, the existing method presents limitations because it does not know the randomness of the actual material. To overcome the limitations, we propose a method to numerically define the spatial randomness of the material’s elastic modulus and confirm factors such as response variability and response variance.
Published in: Crystals, 10.3390/cryst10060512, MDPI