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User Interaction Templates for the Design of Lifelogging Systems

Hopfgartner, Frank; Yang, Yang; Zhou, Lijuan Marissa; Gurrin, Cathal

A variety of life-tracking devices are being created to give opportunity to track our daily lives accurately and automatically through the application of sensing technologies. Technology allows us to automatically and passively record life activities in previously unimaginable detail, in a process called lifelogging. Captured materials may include text, photos/video, audio, location, Bluetooth logs and information from many other sensing modalities, all captured automatically by wearable sensors. Experience suggests that it can be overwhelming and impractical to manually scan through the full contents of these lifelogs. A promising approach is to apply visualization to large-scale data-driven lifelogs as a means of abstracting and summarizing information. In this chapter, we outline various UI templates that support different visualization schemes.
Published in: Semantic Models for Adaptive Interactive Systems, 10.1007/978-1-4471-5301-6_10, Springer