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Transforming Accra towards a Sustainable Future: Comprehensive Land Use Planning and the Greater Accra Urban Simulation System (GAUSS)

Frazier, Tyler J.

The urbanization of Sub-Saharan Africa is occurring more rapidly than in any other region in the world, at a historically unprecedented absolute rate of increase, within an institutional framework desperately lacking in resources. In step with its Sub-Saharan location, Ghana is experiencing unprecedented urbanization with currently 50% of its 23 million people living in urban areas; that share is expected to become 65% by 2030. The lion’s share of this growth is taking place in the administrative and commercial center, Accra, which has a population of more than three million people. It is exhibiting a growth rate in excess of 4% per year and is expected to double its population within 16 years.
Published in: UGEC Viewpoints, Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC)