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The height invariant of a four-parameter semitoric system with two focus–focus singularities

Alonso, Jaume; Hohloch, Sonja

Semitoric systems are a special class of completely integrable systems with two degrees of freedom that have been symplectically classified by Pelayo and Vũ Ngọc about a decade ago in terms of five symplectic invariants. If a semitoric system has several focus–focus singularities, then some of these invariants have multiple components, one for each focus–focus singularity. Their computation is not at all evident, especially in multi-parameter families. In this paper, we consider a four-parameter family of semitoric systems with two focus–focus singularities. In particular, apart from the polygon invariant, we compute the so-called height invariant. Moreover, we show that the two components of this invariant encode the symmetries of the system in an intricate way.
Published in: Journal of Nonlinear Science, 10.1007/s00332-021-09706-4, Springer Nature