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Analysis of a craddle-to-craddle certified product regarding the usage of design heuristics for sustainable product development

Kremer, Gerald

In the DFG project "Design Heuristics for Goal-Directed Product Development", a product was analyzed to determine which heuristics were used for product development. The goal was to develop a coherent heuristic set that contains heuristics that can be used together. For the analysis, a knowledge graph of over 400 heuristics was formed. The product was then analyzed to determine which of the heuristics were used (heuristics marked in green), which were not used because they were irrelevant to the product case (marked in yellow), and which were not used even though they could have been (marked in red). The product analyzed was the craddle-to-craddle certified soundbar "Beosound Level" from Bang & Olufsen.