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Implementing energy status in head-down cockpit displays: impact of augmented energy information on pilot’s performance

Müller, Simon; Manzey, Dietrich; Schreiter, Karolin; Luckner, Robert

It is safety critical for pilots to be aware of the aircraft’s energy state in terms of proper altitude and airspeed. A loss of energy awareness is an important human factors issue in modern civil aircraft. In order to maintain the energy awareness and support the manual flying skills, several cockpit display concepts suggest to augment the current energy status of the aircraft on primary flight displays in terms of the total energy angle. An experiment was carried out to determine which effect this additional energy information has on pilots’ flight path control, instrument scanning, and situation awareness. Outcomes of the study show a significant shift of the scanning pattern from airspeed, altitude scale, and engine parameter towards the center of the primary flight display with unchanged situation awareness. In addition, pilots are better able to maintain given speed targets.
Published in: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 10.1177/1541931215591270, Sage Publications
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