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Hôtel Drouot networks 1941-1943

Fuchsgruber, Lukas

Data on the cooperations between auctioneers and dealer-experts at the Hôtel Drouot October 1940 to July 1943. Source of the names and cooperations are the three volumes of "Les ventes de tableaux, aquarelles, gouaches, dessins, miniatures a l'Hôtel Drouot", which can be consulted online at These were transcribed, the data cleaned and refined with the INHA catalogue and the names in the dossiers of the auctioneers in Isabelle Rouge-Ducos "Le crieur et le marteau : Histoire des commissaires-priseurs de Paris (1801-1945)" (2013) p. 365ff. The file contains the cleaned and refined list of auctions and weighted edges for network visualizations. Also included is the first line of the registry entry from the source OCR.