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Dynamics Modeling of Bearing with Defect in Modelica and Application in Direct Transfer Learning from Simulation to Test Bench for Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Ruan, Diwang; Chen, Yuxiang; Gühmann, Clemens; Yan, Jianping; Li, Zhirou

In data-driven bearing fault diagnosis, sufficient fault data are fundamental for algorithm training and validation. However, only very few fault measurements can be provided in most industrial applications, bringing the dynamics model to produce bearing response under defects. This paper built a Modelica model for the whole bearing test rig, including the test bearing, driving motor and hydraulic loading system. First, a five degree-of-freedom (5-DoF) model was proposed for the test bearing to identify the normal bearing dynamics. Next, a fault model was applied to characterize the defect position, defect size, defect shape and multiple defects. The virtual bearing test bench was first developed with OpenModelica and then called in Python with OMPython. For validation of the positive effect of the dynamics model in the direct transfer learning for bearing fault diagnosis, the simulation data from the Modelica model and experimental data from the Case Western Reserve University were fed separately or jointly to train a Convolution Neural Network (CNN). Then the well-trained CNN was transferred directly to achieve the fault diagnosis under the test set consisting of experiment data. Additionally, 157 features were extracted from both time-domain and frequency-domain and fed into CNN as input, and then four different validation cases were designed. The results confirmed the positive effect of simulation data in the CNN transfer learning, especially when the simulation data were added as auxiliary to experimental data, and improved CNN classification accuracy. Furthermore, it indicated that the simulation data from the bearing dynamics model could play a part in the actual experimental measurement when the collected data were insufficient.
Published in: Electronics, 10.3390/electronics11040622, MDPI