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Modeling the Static Force of a Festo Pneumatic Muscle Actuator: A New Approach and a Comparison to Existing Models

Martens, Mirco; Boblan, Ivo

In this paper, a new approach for modeling the static force characteristic of Festo pneumatic muscle actuators (PMAs) will be presented. The model is physically motivated and therefore gives a deeper understanding of the Festo PMA. After introducing the new model, it will be validated through a comparison to a measured force map of a Festo DMSP-10-250 and a DMSP-20-300, respectively. It will be shown that the error between the new model and the measured data is below 4.4% for the DMSP-10-250 and below 2.35% for the DMSP-20-300. In addition, the quality of the presented model will be compared to the quality of existing models by comparing the maximum error. It can be seen that the newly introduced model is closer to the measured force characteristic of a Festo PMA than any existing model.
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Published in: Actuators, 10.3390/act6040033, MDPI
  • Erratum published on 13 March 2018, see Actuators 2018, 7(1), 9. https://doi.org/10.3390/act7010009