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Active control of the aerodynamic performance and tonal noise of axial turbomachines

Neuhaus, L.; Schulz, J.; Neise, W.; Möser, M.

Two projects on axial fans are presented in this paper. The first aims at improving the aerodynamic performance and reducing the tip clearance noise caused by the rotating instability. This is achieved by injecting air into the radial gap between the impeller blade tips and the fan casing. Steady air injection with small mass flows results in remarkable reductions in the noise level along with improved aerodynamic performance. Larger injected mass flows give significant improvements in the aerodynamic performance at the expense of an increased overall noise level. The second project uses flow control actively to reduce the blade passage frequency (BPF) level. Experimental results are presented for steady jets injected into the main flow and cylindrical rods at axial positions downstream of the impeller blades. The method is successful for higher-order mode sound fields where the BPF level is reduced by up to 20.5 dB.
Published in: Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 10.1243/095765003322315432, SAGE Publications
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