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Washable, Low-Temperature Cured Joints for Textile-Based Electronics

Szalapak, Jerzy; Scenev, Vitalij; Janczak, Daniel; Werft, Lukas; Rotzler, Sigrid; Jakubowska, Malgorzata; von Krshiwoblozki, Malte; Kallmayer, Christine; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin

Low-temperature die-attaching pastes for wearable electronics are the key components to realize any type of device where components are additively manufactured by pick and place techniques. In this paper, the authors describe a simple method to realize stretchable, bendable, die-attaching pastes based on silver flakes to directly mount resistors and LEDs onto textiles. This paste can be directly applied onto contact pads placed on textiles by means of screen and stencil printing and post-processed at low temperatures to achieve the desired electrical and mechanical properties below 60 °C without sintering. Low curing temperatures lead to lower power consumption, which makes this paste ecological friendly.
Published in: Electronics, 10.3390/electronics10222749, MDPI